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Chubby Jag – Large on the Streets LYRICS

Big L sample from Deadly Combination
“I’m large on the street scene”
(Verse 1: Chubby Jag)
The shit I’ve been doing, ain’t really fair to me
Cause rarely, I think a rapper nigga could compare to me
Spaz on a nigga for free, to me it’s charity
Clearly I’ve been killing you niggas, ain’t peeped the clarity
Ever since the start of, when rap niggas been scared of me
Soon as they see me, they look shocked and just stare at me
Shorty tell me that I’m kind of good, well apparently
I got the fans repeating shit I say, playing parakeet
My top gone, Im a psycho nigga, Never sleep
But I could do this with my eyes closed nigga
Hmm-mmm, skinny jeans I don’t buy those nigga
Since when did it stop being cool to wear guy clothes nigga
Rocked up like a caveman, Geico nigga
All this flashing, got it feeling like a slide show nigga
This is my show nigga, on my lonely watching cheddar rise
I’m in the streets by myself, you know vanilla sky
BIG said it’s gone be hard, and he ain’t never lie
I thought a deal would change shit, I must be hella high
Never did it for the cold jewels and fancy linen
I’m on the mic trying to show my ass, Angie Simmons
Job is so greezy, hard work pay off
But it’s hard to work hard, when your job is so easy
Going crazy, scopin’ niggas out looking to rob
Rose from nothin’, now I got niggas hooked to the squad
Hated their moms, had a nigga out lookin’ for jobs
When I should be in church looking’ for God, tell you it’s all bad
Yea they tryna dead Jag with no talents, but like football
Without the red flag theres no challenge, To them niggas ain’t respecting me
Told them be expecting me, my flow is unguardable
Ain’t no way of checking me, Naw
I rep the hardest for the niggas that be reppin’ me
I’m famous and broke, hurt this shit is stressing me
Killer with the rhymes, To y’all it seem new
But to me and my team, I’m a nigga in his prime
Got that, uncensored ore, shit that you don’t get to see
99″ Tim Duncan, Hogan versus Mr. T
I want the chicken, always end up with the moms
Same team, cause I seen how Cleveland did LeBron
In a race (?), since grandma could never get to come
That’s why I’m tryna get the fans, how Jerry get the time
I mean think about it B, I want haters so mad
I’m so glad, that when they wake
All they think about is me, Yea I’m really on the come-up
Brad before Troy, niggas swear that you had it
You know Zag(?) before Floyd, I ain’t asked to be this nice
Niggas put me in this category, Mister quick to rape a track, no statutory
Come from the old school, get money never tell
Still tryna sell a boat, they said I could never sail
Yea I was born to keep going, no gasoline
And raw is from South Central, no vaseline
Big L sample
“Everytime I touch mics”
“Cause I keep cream, I’m large on the street scene.”

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