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Appapella How To Add Your Intrumentals


Step One:

Sign up/in for an Audibase account.
Once you’ve done this you can continue on to your profile where you will select Appapella from the list under your picture. Or click this link Appapella Add Instrumental
In the top right hand corner you have the option ‘Add a New Instrumental’, click this and a box will pop up where you will be asked to fill in the name of the track and artist, add in your Twitter, select a genre, and then upload the track.
Do not forget to add your twitter handle this is so you can see who is mentioning and singing over your instrumentals.

The upload might take a while, but do not refresh the page.

Step Two:

Once the file has successfully uploaded, you will be asked to provide album art for the track.
It’s a simple matter of drag and drop the file you want.
After this is done, your track is pending approval from Appapella admin.
This is to prevent copyright infringement.
Once it has been approved, it will be put on the Appapella track list ready for download.

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