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Appapella: The Pocket-Size Production Studio

Those who are either in or trying to break on to the music scene know how important it is to stay current, and more importantly, to get anything new heard ASAP.

But let’s be realistic, not everyone has the access to the studio effects that make a track sound professional enough to stand out.

Appapella by Audibase provides people with the tools they need to do this.

Appapella for iphone is a karaoke app where you can record your own vocals over an instrumental version of existing tracks, add a filter to it and then share your recording instantly to social networks from your iphone.

Appapella has a great set of features ready to be utilized. A variety of instrumental tracks are available in the Appapella store ready for instant download and use, and there is also a wide choice of lyrics provided for if the artist doesn’t have their own.

These lyrics are able to be attached to the chosen instrumental track for easier recording, then saved and stored for future use.

After recording, there is a choice of filter to add to the track to enhance vocals.

Sharing the produced track is easy. There are options to share the track directly to social networks so that friends and followers can hear it, or the choice to send it to individual people via text or emails if there is a specific person users want to hear their track.

While Appapella is primarily an app for singers and rappers, it is not restricted to this sole purpose.

Appapella is also a great app for musicians and songwriters to use to generate recognition.

Submitting lyrics and tracks for use on the app is a simple uploading process, and all uploads are verified as belonging to the submitter before being approved for use on the app, so copyright is protected.

The creators of these instrumentals and lyrics are the ones that receive all of the credit for their work and continue to own their submissons.

In the uploading process users have the option to add their Twitter handler so that the composer is tagged everytime someone uses and shares their track.

Appapella has a clear layout that ensures the app is simple to use. The font is easily legible and the background and choice colours give the app a grungy and clutter free look.

The lyrics and instrumental tracks are clearly categorized by genre and easy to find. Once downloaded the track is saved into ‘My Tracks’ which is depicted by an icon at the bottom of the screen, along with recordings, the tracks that have been produced by the user, their account, and the instrumental list.

Both social and practical, this app is perfect for anyone in the music industry, people looking for a unique promotional platform, or someone just looking to embarrass their friends with the recordings of the songs they’ve massacred. Appapella is also a great way to collaborate with artists. It’s an original sound platform and a creative way to get your talent heard whether you’re a composer, singer, or songwriter.

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