Appapella Sing, Rap, Produce and Collaborate.

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The Pocket-Size Production Studio

Let us show you some of the features the app can do

Collaborate With Artists

Layer your vocals over one of our great instrumental tracks provided by talented musicians.

Save and Store Lyrics

Save your favourite lyrics so they’re easy to find for future recordings.

Attach Lyrics to Tracks

Attach the chosen lyrics to the track you’re recording for a mistake free result.

Add Audio Filters

Choose one of our great audio filters to layer over your vocals and enhance your track.

Share Instantly

Easily share your produced track with your friends via Twitter, Facebook, email, and text.

Add Your Own

Get yourself involved! Submit your instrumental tracks or lyrics for use on the app.

Why We’re The Best:

The majority of people like to sing, whether they’re brave enough to do it outside of the shower is up to them. For those who are, the great thing about Appapella is that it turns your iphone into a music studio that can fit in the palm of your hand. Not only do we have a number of great tracks and lyrics for you to choose from, we also have a selection of audio filters ranging from professional to silly and fun. All your needs are covered. You’re both the artist and producer, your track gets produced how you want it.

  • Over ten different audio filters to choose from
  • Share your produced recording via Twitter, Facebook, SMS or Email

What We're About

Appapella is a karaoke app by Audibase where you can record your own vocals over an instrumental version of existing tracks, add a filter to it and then share your recording instantly to social networks from your phone. Both social and practical, this app is perfect for anyone in the music industry, people looking for a unique promotional platform, or someone just looking to embarrass their friends with the recordings of the songs they’ve massacred. Appapella is also a great way to collaborate with artists. It’s an original sound platform and a creative way to get your talent heard whether you’re a composer, singer, or songwriter.

It's Awesome

Please see some of our features below


Choose from our selection of original instrumentals, or get your own featured on Appapella.


Choose your favourite, attach them to a track, then store and save them for later when you’re done. If you fancy yourself a writer, submit your own.


Don’t hide your voice way from your friends and followers.Share your produced tracks instantly to Twitter and Facebook. Or email and text tracks to individual people if you’re the shy and retiring sort.


Below are some screenshots directly from the app

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